About The Mayo Bros

John and Brad Mayo are two Canadian brothers who are passionate about functional fitness and living a healthy, adventurous lifestyle. They weren’t always the fit and healthy guys you see today though…

While they’ve always been active men (the two were national champion kayakers and top level coaches), their lives changed when they started to change their fitness patterns and eating habits. They switched to a plant-based diet and stopped doing the same old standard workout routines, which were causing them pain and consistent injuries because they weren’t exercising the RIGHT way.
By studying functional anatomy, learning from some of the top movers in the world and relentlessly running experiments on their bodies, the brothers were able to develop an extraordinary lifestyle training system that totally rewired their brains. This unique method incorporates mindful movement, primal mobility, cold exposure and the most effective diet hack of all…intermittent fasting.
Their system seemed too good to be true; their bodies and minds completely changed and they felt totally unstoppable. They created an Instagram page (@mayo_bros_calisthenics) and began sharing their training methods with the world. Very quickly gre to support over 50,000 followers on their page and attract media attention from Vice Buzzfeed, and national television.
Their followers began asking for a detailed outline of the Mayo Bros training system and that’s why they began creating online programs and accepting 1-on-1 coaching clients around the world. Their mission is to show men how to reach the ultimate level of physical and mental well-being and become the best version of themselves, day in and day out.
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