The Cross Canada Volunteer Tour

My name is John Mayo and I’m a personal trainer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. My brother, Brad, and I co-own and operate Mayo Bros Calisthenics, where we offer online training services to people around the world via our online content platform. You may have seen some of our viral videos whereby we practice cold exposure by diving into frozen lakes while doing funny skits. (believe it our not cold water has some profound health benefits).
So what all of this about? Well, the Cross Canada Volunteer Tour (CCVT) is a coast to coast solo and unsupported cycling trip across Canada to help raise money for those living in shelters in Canada through volunteer work, fundraisers and donations. The journey will begin in Tofino B.C. on May 10th 2020 and end approximately 3 months later in Halifax N.S.
The average distance covered per day will be around 135-200km.  I will be on the trans Canada trail for most of the trip and I’ll be stopping in shelters in major cities/towns along the way (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Moose Jaw, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, just to name a few)  to volunteer my time, donate and fundraise.
My fundraising goal is $30,000. I will be doing this trip on the absolute tightest budget possible so that I can give the maximum amount to those who need it most. I will eat only 2 meals per day, sleep in the woods most nights and bring/buy only the essentials. 
I only got into cycling about a year and a half ago. It started because my partner was out of town so I used her bike to head down to the park to meet a client. The next day I bought a bike of my own and I was instantly obsessed.
I’ve always been interested in helping those who have been dealt a bad hand. On March 31st 2018 my brother and I did a fundraiser for Shelter Nova Scotia whereby we dove into the Halifax harbour after collecting donations at the Seaport Market. We raised $1600 in 5 hours. That  fundraiser inspired me to do a lot more for individuals living in shelters across Canada, which has led me to plan my current endeavour.

– If you’re an individual who would like to support the CCVT, please see my go-fund-me link here.

– If you own a business who would like to sponsor this journey, please contact me at [email protected] so we can discuss the numerous ways we can potentially work together to make Canada a better place.

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